Skill Upgrade : Image Reading

Image reading skill is the capacity or the ability to extract or absorb the information from the given image which can be implemented in your tattoo art, or for that matter any form of art like sketching. This skill is one of the most ignored, least prioritised when it comes to photo-realism tattoo art.

If you are one those who loves photo-realism tattoo art, trying hard enough to get it right but still struggling with it, then, mostly its because of your poor image reading skills. You might be great at tattooing skills like shading, lining etc, but still you find it difficult to execute the world-class portrait tattoos or any realistic tattoos. This skill is kind of a missing link to hundreds of tattoo artists and there is not really much on the internet emphasizing the importance of it.

My name is Sunny Bhanushali, founder of LILA and Aliens Tattoo. My work on photo-realism is recognised across the globe while my mentoring style and techniques are helping hundreds of aspiring tattoo artists around the world. Today I have brought this clip from one of my recent webinar series on Mastery to Photo-realism. To watch the entire series you can subscribe to LILA here

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