Custom Tattoo Designing: Learn Concept to Final Tattoo Design

Tattoo Design is the heart of any tattoo and today in this blog, our design and calligraphy expert, Mr. Devendra Palav will explain in detail his process of finalizing a custom design as requested by the client. The following video is a sneak peek for you to understand what you are diving into 🙂

“What makes tattooing a unique and challenging art form is the fact that there’s no one size or one style that fits all. It is definitely not a simple endeavor to impress your clients without having either tattooing/designing experience or knowledge of the same. We’re here to talk about the latter”.

We use Autodesk Sketchbook and Photoshop to start conceptualizing the design on the iPad Pro. The client is a devotee of Lord Shiva and wants three elements to be covered in the tattoo design: A lotus, the Trident, Rudraksha, and Sanskrit Calligraphy Script.
Watch and note down all the steps as we take you through the process of creative thinking. You can learn about a few features you’re not using properly to get that master finish.

The client did not want a typical Shiva portrait. With all the elements that the client requested, we first decided on the format of the tattoo, which means that we fix the composition and positioning of all the elements of his tattoo. Then, we start sketching.

Placement is the key to good designing. It is essential to balance the right amounts of objects and empty spaces to avoid a cluttered tattoo or an unevenly spaced one.

This master class is full of useful information for even a professional tattoo artist since it covers all important aspects of the creative conceptualization of a tattoo design. Register yourself with Learn it Like Aliens and avail a 7-day free trial!

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