9 Tattoo Courses To Get You Started With Tattoo Art

Tattooing is an ancient art form that garners a lot of attention these days if you are thinking of learning the art, kudos to you! This course bundle focuses on the basics and fundamentals of tattoo art. It is designed to equip you with all the knowledge and information you need to prepare you for basic tattoos on real skin.

What’s in it for me?

You will learn the fundamentals of drawing and understand the importance of sketching/drawing to become a better tattoo artist. All this is and more without stepping out of the comfort of your home!

As an aspiring tattoo artist, you will also get an introduction to tattoo equipment and the tattoo process. There will be a focus on the various types of tattoo machines, needles, colors, and how you will set your tattoo station up. Get to learn all about what it takes to make script tattoos and tribal tattoos on real skin.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s check out what each of the courses in this bundle has in store for you!

Fundamentals of Drawing

It takes a lot to become a professional tattoo artist. First and foremost, one needs to be decent in drawing at the least to be able to ink tattoos of quality. If you can’t draw, you will be very limited in the types of tattoo you can do, and most people want custom work these days. However, drawing is a learned skill, and you can improve your drawing with practice. Hence, understanding the fundamentals of drawing is of utmost importance.

This series will hone your basic drawing skills by educating you about what basic drawing is all about before diving deeper into the course. Learn how to draw random shapes, dots, strokes, and lines with in-depth tutorials on each drawing aspect.

Once done, you will have mastered the fundamentals of drawing to such an extent that you can sketch objects effortlessly. To test your skills, we have also included an assignment at the end of the series to gauge your progress.

Practice is just as valuable as a sale. The sale will make you a living; the skill will make you a fortune – Jim Rohn

Introduction to Tattoo Art

This series is all about how to learn tattooing, one of the most beautiful forms of art. Tattoo art, also known as body art, is a very ancient form of art, and it has been evolving to date. It all started with hand-poked tattoos, the evolution of tattoo art has reached many milestones like hyper-realism, photo-realism, oriental, abstract, and many other beautiful styles and categories.

People etch all kinds of designs on their skin. They take pride in inking their beliefs, inspirations, memories, and much more. While there is a tremendous demand for good tattoo artists worldwide, it is crucial to consider the international hygiene standards and learn in-depth about how the process of tattooing works.

This series will give you an overview of tattoo art and its process. Let’s dive in and understand everything there is about how to learn tattooing!

Mind, Body and Energy

Before you start to learn anything, it is important to consider the fact that learning starts with learning how to learn. If you are psychologically prepared for it, nothing can stop you from learning. Your mind automatically prepares your body and rechannels your energy towards learning.

We believe that this series of videos is the most important section of the course. This tutorial is all about the psychology and synchronization of our mind, body, and energy, along with how you can take control of each one of them to bring astronomical success in your life.

After going through this course, learning tattooing will be as easy as eating a piece of cake! 🙂

All About Tattoo Machines

In this series, you will learn all about tattoo machines for beginners. You will also learn about the technology used to make tattoo machines and the three main categories of tattoo machines that exist today. You will also learn about the individual nuances and the mechanism of working of all three of them and gain insights about which machines are used by leading artists.

Choosing the right tattoo machine for yourself can be very difficult if you do not know these basics. However, understanding which machine works best for you can be determined by yourself only with experience and practice. Be sure to check this series of tutorials out, as choosing the right tattoo machines for beginners is important for making quality tattoos!

All About Tattoo Stencils

While you are on your path to learning the fundamentals of tattoo art, tattoo stencils play a crucial role. Considering that tattoos are permanent, imagine how risky it would be to ink without any reference or marking on the skin. This is where tattoo stencil learning plays an essential role. Tattoo stencils act like a blueprint on the skin for artists to achieve the utmost perfection while tattooing. Tattoo artists worldwide use stencils to make the process easier, faster, and reliable to achieve an accurate output.

In this series of videos, you will learn all about Tattoo Stencils from scratch. This series covers individual videos containing detailed information about the tattoo stencil papers, stencil printers available in the market, various tattoo stencil making, and how to place the tattoo stencil flawlessly, the dos and don’ts of stencil making and placing, and a lot more. This series is unlike any other stencil-making tutorial online. It is comprehensive, super detailed, and easy to understand.

Remember to check out the assignment attached after you finish watching all the videos in this series!

All About Tattoo Needles

If you’re just getting into tattooing, you might be a bit confused by all the different types of tattoo needles at your disposal. What do all the codes mean? How is a round liner tattoo needle different from a magnum or a bugpin tattoo needle? How do you know when you should be using which type of needle?

As intimidating as all those different choices may seem, they actually boil down to a few types of needles, just in different sizes, quantities, and groupings. You will learn the basics of tattoo needles, the properties of tattoo needles, and how each property affects the purpose and the use of tattoo needles.

This series will also help you know about the different brands of tattoo needles available in the market and which types of needles are widely used by the top tattoo artists in the world. At the end of this series, you will know everything about tattoo needles, their uses, and how to choose the right one for your tattoos.

Once done, you will have expert knowledge on the different types of tattoo needles, and this knowledge will go a long way in helping you understand which needle to use for different parts of your tattoo designs.

First Tattoo Station Set-up

Before you start setting up your tattoo station, it is vital to understand the hygiene protocol and the dos and don’ts while setting up your tattoo station. The reason why the hygiene protocol is so important is that tattooing is a process that involves the client’s body fluids and blood oozing from his body while he is being tattooed.

It is the artist’s primary responsibility to follow strict hygiene protocol to avoid cross-contamination and ensure their health is not put at stake.

So in this series, you are about to learn everything you need to know for a clean tattoo station set-up. You will learn about the equipment, the materials, and how to arrange all of it step by step on your tattoo station. Learning how to set up your tattoo station is crucial, and you shouldn’t miss it to avoid the inconvenience that can be caused further while tattooing and post the process of tattooing.

Fundamentals of Tattooing

To pursue a career in tattooing, you must get the fundamentals of tattooing right. This series of videos will introduce you to the most basic forms of tattooing.

You will learn about a few tattooing techniques – the lining, the shading & texturing, and color packing. These techniques are combined and used in different ways to get the desired output by tattoo artists. You will also learn to practice on synthetic skin, also known as artificial skin.

All kinds of tattoos, right from line art & geometry to realism portraits & neo-traditional, all the tattoos are done combining the above techniques.

Script Tattoo on Real Skin

Script tattoos are among the most sought-after tattoos since one can express maximum emotions in simple short words. As a beginner, a tattoo artist should try his hand at script tattoos since he can learn the basics of delicate lining, shadows, dot-work, and much more while making script tattoos.

Learn the script tattoo techniques to make your texts look sharper and fonts look stunning through this script tattoo tutorial. They’re not so difficult to do but with sufficient knowledge from this class and proper practice. You can master script tattoos and have clients lined up for your handwork.

By the end of this course prepared by Sunny Bhanushali and Allan Gois, you will be able to confidently ink basic tattoos on real skin and take your first step towards becoming a Pro Tattoo Artist!

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