8 strategies every tattoo artist must follow to survive this pandemic

We live in a world that is very different than what we used to live in before the pandemic hit us. Almost all businesses are facing the heat of the economic slowdown due to the Covid-19 inflicted lockdowns. Tattoo artists were no exception, many tattoo studios failed to survive this pandemic and had to be shut down or are either too worried about failing while trying to get over with this pandemic. Well, there are surely a few things every tattoo artist must follow during lockdowns to make the most out of the given situation.

Here a few things every tattoo artist must do or follow to survive the pandemic:

Client Retention > Client Acquisition

As per Pareto analysis, your existing clients are going to account for 80% of your revenues and only 20% will be contributed by new clients. Target your existing clients by sending frequent yet useful emails. These emails can be about what essential measures have you taken to ensure safety and hygiene at your tattoo studio. Send newsletters of latest trends, updates that offer them discounts or incentives to them for being your Loyal Customers, and so forth. Ensure that you are using social media to continuously engage with your clients and keep them reminding of your brand and their experience with you.

Follow Hygiene Guidelines

Ensure that you give utmost priority to hygiene. Although many will refrain from getting inked during a pandemic, you can strategically market your tattoo studio as one that strictly follows hygiene standards as per WHO, and other reputed institutions. By doing so, you are bound to attract people who are bored at home and are looking for reasons to go outside without risking their health. Click pictures of your sanitized work stations and studio

to imbibe trust amongst viewers.

Run Innovative Ad Campaigns to get attention

Never underestimate the potential of a smart and creative ad campaign. From Cadbury’s Raksha Bandhan ad campaign to Durex’s hilarious one-liners on social media, outstanding brands make an impact by tapping into the emotions of the audience. Gather your resources and think of creative ways to capture the attention of the masses and start a buzz that will aid your business in terms of lead generation and solidify the awareness of your brand.

Be Smart with Money

Avoid unnecessary expenses. Think of investing your hard-earned money in a way that will either boost the revenue generation of your tattoo business or will earn enough returns directly for you to financially sustain yourself. Either way, spending money on things that you can do without will hurt you in the long run.

Upgrade your Skills to be the Best in town

Your immediate goal should be to become the most preferred tattoo artist in your town. Because after reaching this stage in a tattoo artist’s life, he becomes unstoppable in the journey of great wealth and fame. Getting your foundation right, keep ing your aspirations high, and work incessantly to get better in your tattooing technique. Every artist needs to spend a few hours a day to hone his skills and gain new ones. You can visit Learn it Like Aliens to check out basic to advanced level tattoo tutorials by some of the experts in the tattoo industry.

Master What you Know, Find your Style

The tattoo industry is booming at an unimaginable rate and this fact is established in the minds of people. More people are vying to become the best and most recognized now than ever before. So practicing and upgrading yourself becomes crucial. In the spare time that you’re getting thanks to the pandemic, start perfecting your techniques every day if you truly want to be a recognized tattoo artist. Watch MasterClasses by best tattoo artists in the world exclusively on Learn it Like Aliens.

Focus on Client Relationship Management

Client Relationship Management includes everything you do to make your client’s experience at your tattoo studio as pleasurable and memorable as possible. If you are having a couple of clients during the pandemic, count your blessings, and treat them well by providing them with all the resources and support that they need. When one client leaves your tattoo studio happily and satisfied, his experience becomes a story he tells his friends and family and that’s how word of mouth will become your free yet most effective type of marketing. Ask for client feedback on Google Reviews and share their positive feedbacks on social media to garner interest amongst your target audience 🙂

Keep up with the Current Trends

Now is the best time to leverage social media trends to gain traction. Stats show that the average time spent on social media by a person has increased by 30% since lockdowns have been imposed. Twitter is an excellent example of how new trends keep popping up every 2 days if not every single day. Follow trending hashtags on Instagram and twitter and innovate your marketing to benefit from the trend. By doing so you would be gaining a wider reach than many of your paid promotions as well!

We understand and sympathize with the plight of tattoo artists across the globe during the pandemic. It has become extremely challenging for budding artists to gain clients at a time where people are advised to stay indoors. It is important that you do not lose hope and give up on your tattoo business. Instead, try upgrading your tattooing skills by joining online tattoo courses like those available on Learn it Like Aliens so that when things get back to normal, you are better equipped to serve your clients.

With Tattoo Classes from Learn it Like Aliens, the world’s first online tattoo learning platform, you can get a deeper understanding of your tattoo art which will allow you to serve your clients better. Leaving all the marketing gimmicks aside, providing superior services to your clients is a foolproof way of growing your business. Happy clients bring more clients. Subscribe today to get a 7-day free trial after which you decide to continue if you find the content valuable, we promise that you won’t regret it 🙂

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