5 Reasons Why Every Tattoo Artist should take this Online Learning Course

Work from home and Learn from home have gained massive popularity. Availability and access to the internet and content have encouraged aspiring minds to make the best out of the era of the pandemic. Believe it or not, many have upgraded their skills online and have landed jobs in the midst of an economic slowdown. What we’re trying to say is that if the can do it, what’s stopping you? The Covid19 pandemic has forced all of us to stay indoors. While many are waiting for things to go back to normal, the smart ones have accepted this as the new normal.

Here’s Why Online Tattoo Learning Courses are Revolutionary:

Online Tattoo Learning Courses are for EVERYONE

Tattoo learning courses are for people who want to learn absolutely anything and everything about tattooing. This means that these courses are for everyone from a beginner (even though you don’t have any clue about tattooing) to a professional tattoo artist who can take advantage of learning new techniques and how to improve their existing ones.

Having a side business is never a bad idea, especially not for a post-pandemic world! Besides, everyone has a normal side and a creative side. Let that creative side take control for a while 🙂

The best part is that you neither have to take a break from your job nor to dedicate months to become a professional tattoo artist.

What can you learn from online tattoo learning courses?

Learn it Like Aliens (Lila) has courses ranging from theoretical topics like introduction to needles and types to something as complicated as details of hyper-realism. You should have enough passion to discover and learn new things!

You don’t die when your heart stops, you stop living the day you stop learning new things”

So whether you want to start from scratch and learn everything about tattooing or you’re a professional wanting to take your skills to the next level, we’re the best in the industry to sail you through smoothly.

The Mentors

We have industry-leading and award-winning tattoo artists on board with us. Seasoned professionals who are also tattoo artists for your favorite celebrities will teach you everything about tattooing. We have Sunny Bhanushali, Mick Squires, Steve Butcher, Benjamin Laukis, Allan Gois, Devendra Palav, and more to give you the best of their knowledge gathered through years and in some cases, decades of tattooing experience. To learn more about our mentors, click here.

The Teaching Method

We believe that real learning happens with consistency. With consistent observation, learning, and practicing any particular skill repetitively makes you a Pro at it. We will provide you with the expertise and you can practice it on synthetic skin easily available online. Through LILA tattoo programs, we endeavour to share with you expert opinions and advice from industry leaders.

The content is divided into small videos covering a single concept and/ or an illustration. You can pause, resume, rewind, and watch the videos at your own pace and convenience.

We will always be one call or one email away if you are facing issues of any sort or have queries regarding anything during the courses.

Your questions related to the topic will be answered by one or more of our mentors.

Why should you choose Lila Online Tattoo Courses?

Traditional ways of learning the art of tattooing involve doing apprenticeships where the studio owners would make you slog behind cleaning and all unrelated daily chores and you would have to stand by and watch your master’s work to observe and learn.

If there can be classes for learning other forms of the art online, then why should the tattoo art stay behind? It is, after all, a booming sector with more people getting inked every year. As per recent studies and surveys, one in seven people have at least one tattoo on their body. If you take that number and apply it to your country’s total population, you’d come close to realizing how much the tattoo industry is worth in your country’s local currency.

If you’re still not convinced or want to reach out to us, simply click here.

We truly believe that with patience and perseverance, you can come out a champion on the other end of this pandemic 🙂

Good Luck!

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